Dentist Salt Lake City Discount Dental Plan

Individual and Family Discount Dental Plan

Meadowbrook Dental offers a Discount to help with the cost as you care for your oral health. This plan is offered to individuals and families who do not have dental insurance, with our discount plan all that’s needed is:
First family member pays $240.00 or $20/mo
  • This will cover that member for 12 months then the plan would start over and the $240.00 would be due again.
To add one family members, you pay $180.00 or $15/mo for each additional member
  • This will cover each member for 12 months then the plan starts over again and $180.00 is due again only if the 1st member has paid their $240.00.
This discount plan includes 
  • 2 discounted cleanings per year 
  • 2 exams per year (excludes periodontal exams) 
  • 2 x-rays per year (all x-rays included) 
  • 2 Fluoride treatments 
If the member has any treatment that needs to be done they will receive 20% off their entire treatment if paid in full at time of service. No maximums, no restrictions!
For more information about our discount plan you can call our office at (801) 943-3408