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We provide a full spectrum of dental services for all ages. If you are in need of a cleaning, have tooth pain, or just want to create a nicer smile, we can take care of your needs in a friendly, comfortable environment.





Crowns and veneers are used when a sizable amount of tooth structure is damaged, or when full or near full coverage of the tooth will provide better protection or esthetics. For these patients, crowns and veneers were the perfect option for replacing their old fillings, crowns, and broken down teeth.

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When permanent teeth are badly damaged resulting in the need for removal, it is important to discuss replacement options. Normal chewing function can be greatly diminished and adjacent teeth and bone can be negatively affected if a space remains.  For those who are good candidates, implants are an excellent option to maintain healthy bone levels and return near-perfect function. Dr. Bender and Dr. Lewis have both completed advanced training to be able to perform these procedures successfully.

Cosmetic Bonding

Composite bonding is an excellent, conservative way of building onto a tooth, without having to remove healthy tooth structure. It can be used to fix small chips, close spaces between teeth, and even elongate/reconstruct worn down teeth. It takes an artistic hand and careful attention to proper bonding techniques in order to achieve beautiful outcomes.

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