Grafting for Ridge Preservation

Bone grafting for ridge preservation is the most commonly performed grafting procedure. Its purpose is to supply the healing body with the necessary building blocks to reform bone appropriately and attempt to maintain natural, healthy bone levels.

How it’s done
When a permanent tooth is removed from the mouth, a boney socket remains where the tooth’s root once was. If allowed to heal without any intervention, the body will reform bone and grow more gum tissue, but the process of unassisted healing typically leads to an overall loss of bone volume in the area.

To remedy this problem, after a tooth has been removed a bone graft is placed into the socket. Graft materials can be one of many consistencies and can have varied characteristics depending on the specific needs. Once the graft has been placed, a membrane is placed over the graft to hold it in place, and the gum tissue is sutured closed and left to heal.

While every person has a unique physiological ability to heal following treatment, placement of a bone graft offers the best chance for proper bone healing.

There are other forms of bone grafting that may also be necessary. Consult with Dr. Bender and Dr. Lewis to find out would is best for you.

Options Following Bone Grafts

One great advantage of bone grafting is that it allows for options to replace your missing tooth. Especially for people wanting to have a dental implant placed, bone grafting is essential at the time of tooth removal. Implants gain all of their strength from the bone that supports them. If the bone quality is lacking, a dental implant may not be the best treatment option.

Another great option following tooth removal and grafting is a dental bridge. Bone grafting is still indicated in these cases because it allows for bone healing between the two bridge abutment teeth that will support the bridge. Bone loss between these teeth can lead to instability of either, or both, of the abutment teeth leading to bridge failure.

The success of dental treatment is always dependent on the healing ability of each person’s body. Bone grafting helps increase the chances of success!