An Cosmetic Alternative to Porcelain

Cosmetic bonding is the procedure that involves esthetically improving the appearance of teeth through the skilled bonding of filling materials. This technique can be used to mask dark tooth color, fix chipped teeth, close spaces between teeth, and even reconstruct tooth structure damaged by tooth wear. While cosmetic bonding to reconstruct large tooth defects does not typically provide the same long-term success as crowns, it can still be an excellent esthetic option for minor fixes. It also, has the benefit of conservatively maintaining more natural tooth structure than other options.

How it’s done
Any old fillings are removed from the teeth receiving treatment. All decay, if any, is removed until only natural, healthy tooth structure remains. The teeth are well isolated to prevent saliva contamination and then undergo a process of preparing the enamel, and adding an adhesive layer to the teeth. Once cured, the filling material is incrementally added and carefully shaped to achieve natural contours and esthetics. Finally, the teeth are polished and smoothed to provide excellent shine and finish.

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