Esthetic Improvement

Crowns and veneers are used to achieve optimal esthetic outcomes. They can be effectively used to correct teeth that are discolored, misshapen, worn, or even misaligned.

Veneers require less tooth reduction than crowns, but each can provide the same level of esthetics. The deciding factor on which option is best to achieve your smile makeover is determined by the overall health of the teeth to be addressed.

How it’s done
Achieving a successful smile makeover begins with careful planning. Impressions are made from the teeth to be treated and models are then built with idealized shapes and positions for teeth.

The actual teeth are then shaped to allow for crown or veneer placement, and temporary crowns/veneers are cemented into place according to he pre-planned models.

Finally, permanent crowns/veneers are fabricated and cemented into place resulting in your beautiful new smile!

Functional Improvement

Crowns are often used to correct functional issues as well. When teeth fracture, crack, or have large failing fillings, or extreme tooth wear, crowns are the option of choice for restoring the tooth back to like-natural function.

While they also provide beautiful esthetics, crowns are used frequently to save severely damaged teeth.

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